Like any room in your house, there comes a time where your bathroom starts to look a little worse for wear. Perhaps it’s seen better days, or the design is outdated, or you simply want a bit of an upgrade. Here at Neil Pyne Plumbing & Heating, we cover a whole spectrum of things, but one thing that we specialise in, is bathroom installation. This includes elements such as repairing baths and showers, fixing leaks, and powerwashing.

Changing your bathroom can be a tricky process, and you may not even know where to start. There could be a whole bunch of reasons why you may need something changing in your bathroom, whether it’s that something is broken and requires repair, or you would like a complete redesign.


Common problems in bathrooms

Although some are a lot more common than others, there are loads of different problems you can encounter with your bathroom. Probably the most common of these, would be leaks, which often come from problems in the piping, or faulty taps. This may not appear as a huge issue, but it is certainly one that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Sometimes it may require a new tap installing, or a repair on the pipes in order to stop the leaking.

Another common problem that is quite similar to leaking, is draining problems. You usually find this with your sink, bath or shower plug, as their may be a blockage somewhere in the pipes which is preventing the water from traveling through, therefore causing a build up. Sometimes this can mean an overflow, in which case you ought to call for professional help immediately before it causes any further damage to your bathroom.

You also may encounter problems with the water pressure in your bathroom. This is more noticeable in the shower for example, as the flow will be weak. This can be caused by a limescale build up, but we recommend contacting a professional company such as ourselves to come and evaluate the problem and provide a solution for you.


Bathroom installation

Bathroom installation covers many things. Pretty much everything in your bathroom needs to be installed. This includes the toilet, bath, shower, sink, shelves, cupboards, everything. When it comes to installing things like your bath and toilet, you can’t really do this on your own. You need it to be installed in a way where everything is done properly and it is fully functioning.

You may require bathroom installation services for many reasons. It could be that something has broken, and so you need a new one to replace it, or you may just want to redesign everything and this might involve getting a brand new shower or sink.


Where we specialise

For many years now, we have been providing high quality bathroom installation and repair services to customers within the areas of Barnsley, Wakefield & Huddersfield. We are able to install and repair sinks, taps, showers and bathroom piping as well as offer professional advice around what your bathroom may benefit from and what type of bathroom utilities would be most compatible.

Over the years we have had many repeat clients that have come back to us for our help because of their satisfaction in the fantastic level of service they have already received from us. We are confident that no matter the problem, we will be able to help. If you notice any problems that need fixing or are in need of some installation work, we will gladly come out and help you.

For more information or if you require our help with bathroom installation, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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