Every bathroom is designed differently. Different baths, different sinks, different toilets, different tiling, and different showers. The range of bathroom utilities available to choose from is pretty big, the way you choose to have your bathroom designed is down to personal preference as well as practical benefits from certain features. One bathroom feature that comes in many different forms and designs, are showers. Despite all having the same purpose and function, there are actually a lot of different styles of showers available for you to choose from and have in your bathroom. We wanted to talk about shower trays in this blog, and how they are a good way to give your bathroom a bit of a makeover at a reasonable price.


What are shower trays?

Shower trays are basically a waterproof surface underneath your shower that keeps the flooring in your bathroom protected, and sends shower water down the drain, preventing it from getting on the rest of the flooring and causing any kind of damage. They tend to be very durable and long lasting, making it a great investment for your shower and something that you can rely on to keep your bathroom in good condition. Of course, they come in different levels of quality and made with slightly different materials, but generally, they aren’t too pricey.


What material are they made from?

This varies with each shower tray. Some are more expensive and better quality than others, but the most common materials used include acrylic and stone resin. Both of these materials are fantastic quality and very durable and reliable, but as well as that, they look very impressive too. Having a shower tray of these kind of materials in your bathroom tends to make the place look a bit more luxurious and high quality, which is a great way to change up design and give the place a bit of an upgrade.


What do they look like?

Shower trays tend to fit in and match with the rest of your bathroom design and flooring quite well. Sometimes people have them the same colour as the rest of the floor, or just something plain and simple like white acrylic, that looks slick and fits well with the rest of the decor. Furthermore, they come in a variety of shapes so that you can find the right fit suitable for your shower. Whether this is square, rectangular, or any other standard shape, your shower tray will fit into this to ensure that all water is absorbed and disposed of safely without affecting your bathroom.


How long do they last?

Shower trays are renowned for being very durable and long lasting. They often last for many years without damage or fault and don’t need to be replaced frequently at all. Acrylic in particular tends to be very corrosion resistant, meaning it often remains in pristine condition for a long time.


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