British weather can be a little temperamental at the best of times. Even during summertime we have always got to be cautious that a spell of rain may not be far away! Unfortunately, during heavy rainfall we sometimes see our plumbing suffer as a result. There are various ways that heavy rain can impact your plumbing, and it isn’t always something we can prevent. Therefore, it is important that you know how to deal with any plumbing problems and that you contact a professional when you notice something unusual. 

We thought we would talk about some of the ways that heavy rain can impact your plumbing, along with what you can do to try and help this. 


Too much pressure

When we have heavy rainfall, it means that surfaces often become very weighted. As a result of this there will be added pressure on your pipes and therefore you could suffer some damage to your plumbing system. The extent of the damage generally depends on how much rainfall there is, but it is something that you should always be mindful of. 

The pressure caused by heavy rainfall can actually cause some of your pipes to shift, which interferes with your entire plumbing system. Furthermore, pipes may suffer other forms of damage such as crushing or even cracks. These problems can become very serious and potentially dangerous to your home. If you suspect any damage to your piping from the pressure, you should contact a professional plumber as soon as possible so that they can come and assess the state of your plumbing system and take necessary action. 


Broken guttering

Though guttering is external, sometimes it relates to or can have a direct impact on your plumbing when there is a fault. If this is the case, occasionally plumbers will work on your gutters if necessary. 

Heavy rainfall can hugely affect your guttering. In some cases, the weight from the rainfall can actually cause your gutters to break and pull away from the wall or roof. Furthermore, if the rain is too intense, your gutter may not function properly as there is too much water flowing through the system. Furthermore, if you already have some sort of blockage in your guttering and experience a spell of heavy rain, your gutters won’t drain properly which causes a build up and can lead to internal problems in your home, as well as affecting underlying pipes. 



Flooding is a major problem that comes as a result of heavy rainfall and it can be seriously damaging to your house. Without enough drainage, rainwater doesn’t have anywhere to go which will lead to flooding. Though this is an outdoor problem, it is the inside of your property that will take the hit. 

When the rainwater cannot drain, this may cause it to travel inside of your house, which can cause devastating damage. Furthermore, the flooding outside may cause your driveway to weaken. Therefore, it is important to have effective draining in place that can dispose of the rainwater and direct it away from the building.


It can amplify existing problems

Regular plumbing checks are always advised in case there are problems that you are unaware of. When problems are left unattended they can build up and lead to more serious damage and consequences. In extreme cases of heavy rainfall, this can have an impact on your plumbing and if there are existing problems that you don’t know about, it can amplify this and make matters worse. This could potentially cause more serious damage and contribute to a lot more serious household problems. 

Routine plumbing checks are very important to prevent the risk of this happening. If you would like us to come and assess your plumbing system, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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