Showers play an integral part in your household plumbing system. It is something that is used daily, and quite often, for long periods of time. Therefore, it involves a lot of water and is responsible for waste passing through the piping.

Of course, when you go to get a shower, the plumbing system isn’t really top of the list of things that cross your mind, however being more mindful and aware of how certain choices you make can impact your plumbing will benefit you as it will encourage you to be a little more careful so that these issues are at a lower risk of occuring.


Taking too long

Everybody loves a long shower. But, what you won’t love, much like plumbers, is how badly this can impact your plumbing, and the problems it can leave you with. Taking long showers is something that most people are guilty of, but we advise you against doing this and instead only having a shower on for a necessary length of time. When you have the shower on for a long period of time, it creates dampness and condensation in your bathroom, and this can sometimes lead to mold growing in there. Mold is prone to growing in this kind of environment, so taking long showers will increase the risk of it happening.


No ventilation

Without any ventilation in your bathroom whilst you take a shower, it will become very condensed, damp and steamy. This can have a negative impact on the interior of your home, such as dampness, and even mold growth. To reduce this risk, you should have some kind of ventilation. This can be as simple as opening a window so that the steam can escape and it dries the bathroom out a little bit more. To coincide with this, you could also turn down the heat on your shower. Having the temperature more towards warm than boiling hot will reduce how steamy and condensed the bathroom gets.


Allowing the plug to get clogged up

Although this seems like a pretty obvious plumbing issue, you’d be surprised at the neglect of some shower/bath plugs. Things like hair and debris can quite easily cause blockage in your drains. At first, signs of this may be that the water is draining more slowly, but if not treated, it can become completely blocked and therefore prevent water from flowing through. A good way to avoid this issue, is by having a drain cover, which will collect anything other that water and stop it from going down the drain.


Overloading your caddy

Quite often, people have a caddy in their bathroom that is attached to a part of the shower. This holds useful shower items such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. As much as this is very convenient, sometimes people can get a little carried away, and overload the caddy with lots of different things, which adds a lot of weight and can ultimately put pressure on the shower. Too much weight and pressure pulling on the pipes or straining them can damage the pipes and hinder them from functioning properly.


These are just a few bad shower habits that can be harmful to your plumbing. If you would like to know more or want us to help with your plumbing, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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