Whenever you notice any signs of faults with your boiler or are experiencing problems with it, no matter how big or how small, it’s essential that you call out a professional plumber to have a look at it. Regular servicing draws attention to problems early, and this means that you can stop them before they turn into something bigger and more serious. As a result of it being spotted early, the cost of this repair will be a lot less, and it also means you will be less likely to encounter problems with your boiler in the future as it is kept in good condition and receiving checks by professionals to notice any abnormalities in plenty of time.

Here are some of the benefits of getting your boiler serviced and some reasons why it is so important!

Lifespan and performance

Regular servicing, such as once-a-year check ups, will significantly improve the lifespan and performance of your boiler. This is because it improves the function of your boiler and reduces any risks all whilst keeping your bills to a minimum. Boiler servicing is designed to spot any problems early so that they can be treated and prevented from becoming something worse, and this procedure helps your boiler to work consistently well and have a much better lifespan.



Your boiler will become a lot more efficient if it is serviced regularly and looked after. Furthermore, when it is running more efficiently, this will save you quite a lot of money in terms of your bills. Sometimes, if there is a problem with your boiler, the combination of it not working properly and the way this energy is sourced can have a dramatic increase on your bills. Regular servicing will lessen the risk of this happening and keep your boiler running and an affordable and low price.



As dramatic as it sounds, getting your boiler serviced can actually be life saving, as it can prevent and significantly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is deadly, and is caused when you have a fault in your boiler. Carbon monoxide poisoning is lethal to everybody within its parameters, and if this was to happen in your home, it would be extremely serious and dangerous, which is why we recommend getting your boiler checked by professionals to ensure that is working properly and safely.


It allows you to stay more prepared

Getting your boiler serviced helps you stay more prepared, both practically and financially. Paying for major repairs can be extremely costly and inconvenient, especially when it’s out of the blue. However if you schedule regular/yearly servicing, you can prepare yourselves in terms of money and rest assured that any problems will be halted.


We depend on our boiler and central heating system more than we sometimes realise, and this generally comes to our attention when we encounter a fault with it. During the winter months especially, you really don’t want your boiler to break and cause a huge disruption to your household, which is why we urge you to get regular checks so that any potential threats can be detected and amended before this happens.

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